On The Bai'ou - 12" LP - DITZ

On The Bai'ou - 12" LP

12" blood red record

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12" blood red vinyl record. Limited to 500 copies. Ships out on 31st March

Fresh from releasing their critically acclaimed debut album, The Great Regression, an instant favourite garnering praise across the board at the likes of Pitchfork, 6 Music, Radio 1, DIY, Visions, Spiegel and so many more; DITZ return with a maelstrom of a live album ‘On The Bai’ou’ recorded at The Louisiana, Bristol. 

Containing all the tracks from its forbear, with a couple of extra big hitters, the record is an ultimate DITZ fan must-have, presenting the band at their most vital, unhinged and sardonic. With anthems of anger, rage and despair simmering in your speakers, this is DITZ as they’ve never been presented on wax before. Ingest with incendiary volume.  

Leading, why wouldn’t you, with an 8-minute version of brooding album-closer ‘No Thanks I’m Full’ as the opening single – DITZ open this campaign with a clear message that they’re going to do it their own way, and to hell with the consequences. It’s a sentiment that bleeds into every element of the performance. “We spent a lot of time during the recording process just trying to make unusual sounds out of pedals, or whatever we could find,” says Cal.

Released on strictly limited-edition blood red vinyl (500 copies), with sleeve resplendent in live photos shot along the way on their Great Regression tour, this vinyl is unlikely to hang around for long.